Below you can see a list of some Open Source Projects that I created.

Extend the Laravel Framework with a collection of attributes
Lift for Laravel
Take your Eloquent Models to the next level
Validated DTO
Data Transfer Objects with validation for Laravel applications.
Minicli Application Template powered with Termwind and Plates.
Strict Typing for local variables in PHP.
Opinionated Modularized API Skeleton for Laravel.
Cache TTL Helper
Helper Enum for handling cache TTLs in a simple, easy and friendly way
Jodit Vue
Vue wrapper for the Jodit Editor.
Laravel Caller
Create HTTP clients for external services easily.
Laravel Model Completed
Laravel helper to know the completion status of an Eloquent Model.
API Skeleton created with Laravel.
CSS Theme Manager
Zero dependency lib to manage CSS themes easily for your app.
Time Storage
Small library to work with the local storage implementing lifetime for its items.
Counted Storage
Lightweight lib to work with the local storage implementing lifetime based on how many times the item was used.

Besides the projects above, I contribute or already contributed to the following projects.

I already contributed with some PRs that were merged into the codebase.
I’m one of the maintainers of this project.
I contributed to the translation of the docs to Brazilian Portuguese.