Wendell Adriel

Software Engineer, Songwriter, Musician, Photographer, Dungeon Master

I love Music.
I started to play the bass guitar when I was 16 years old, but I started to write lyrics with 15.
I started a band with some friends when I was 16, we played some cover songs and started to create our own songs, but we didn't go after a career in music. I didn't write lyrics for many years but in the meantime, I wrote some fantasy tales.
Although my native language is Portuguese, I prefer to write in English.

I can play these instruments:
Bass Guitar (main instrument)
Drums and Percussion

I like to create guitar riffs and solos and also bass lines for musics.
I like to write about many topics and I can write lyrics and tales in English and Portuguese.
If you buy a license for any of my lyrics and need help with the song creation, I'm available to also offer consultancy on that, just contact me after the purchase. Below is the link to buy licenses for my lyrics: