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Konf.app is my first SaaS product. It is a tool to manage all of your applications' configurations in one place with powerful features and a beautiful and intuitive UI.


Structuring a Server-Side Application
by Wendell Adriel - Aug 5, 2022 964 words - 5 minutes read

Let's learn how we can structure a server-side application in a simple way, while using a clean and efficient architecture that could be used for small to large applications.

Working With Multiple CSS Themes
by Wendell Adriel - Apr 27, 2019 1248 words - 7 minutes read

Let's learn how to create and work with multiple themes in CSS.

Theming With CSS Variables
by Wendell Adriel - Apr 25, 2019 1106 words - 6 minutes read

Let's learn how to theme websites using CSS variables.

From 'Highway to (callback) Hell' to 'Stairway to (async/await) Heaven'
by Wendell Adriel - Mar 1, 2017 882 words - 5 minutes read

Let's learn the new way of working with asynchronous code on JavaScript.

ES6 and Interviews
by Wendell Adriel - Dec 27, 2016 671 words - 4 minutes read

Let's see how ES6 features can help you get the job you want