Wendell Adriel

Wendell Adriel

Software Architect @ TrackStreet

Columnist @ php[architect]

Hey there 👋

My name is Wendell Adriel.

I'm a Brazilian/Portuguese Software Engineer who loves Software Architecture and Software Design. I started to work with software development in 2009.

I worked on many projects with many technologies, but I prefer to work on backend solutions. My main stack for backend is PHP, but I can also work with Go, Node.js, Java and Python. I can work with frontend technologies and I have good knowledge of JavaScript and UI frameworks and libraries.

I love to share what I know with others, I like to create content (mainly written) on technical and non-technical subjects. I maintain and contribute to some open-source projects.

I have a lot of experience in software development and have already led small teams and many projects. I am also interested in the DevRel and DX areas.

Besides software development, I'm an Amateur Photographer & Musician and Board Games Designer.