Wendell Adriel

Software Engineer

Speaker, Writer, PHP/JS/Go/Open Source lover, Dungeon Master, Gamer

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Hey there...

I'm a Brazilian Software Engineer living in Portugal since 2016!

I'm an enthusiastic about new technologies/methodologies and I also love to share what I know with others. I started to work with software development in 2009 as a Full Stack Developer and since then I worked with many technologies like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Front-end and Back-end), PHP, Java, Go, SQL and NoSQL databases, Docker and much more, but my main stack is PHP and JS (Front-end and Back-end).

A little more about my work

  • I casually write articles on Medium, technical or not, in English or in Portuguese;
  • I have a project called CodeShare, to create free and high-quality content in Portuguese, to reach more people in Brazil that didn't have the opportunity to learn English yet. So when I write a post there I'll also publish it in English on DEV.to and Medium;
  • I have a podcast called #devTales, also in Portuguese to talk with devs that are active in the brazilian Open Source community to talk about career, development, etc;
  • I have some Open Source Projects that you can check on my Github Profile;
  • I already led some talks and some workshops about software development, agile methodologies and career;
  • I have already mentored several people who were starting out as software developers;

Some of my hobbies

  • I LOVE to play tabletop games, especially RPGs and I'm a Dungeon Master since 2008;
  • I casually play the drums and bass guitar. I'm not good at it, I do it just for fun xD;
  • I really like to watch movies, series and animes (even better while eating some popcorn);
  • I like to create board/card games, I just do it for fun and to play with friends;

Do you want to know more about me and/or my work, say hi, talk about development, methodologies or any of the hobbies above? Get in touch using the icons on the footer! xD