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Wendell Adriel

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I'm a Brazilian Software Engineer living in Portugal since 2016. I love Software Architecture, Software Design, Agile Methodologies, Investments, Entrepreneurship, Game Design, Photography and Music.

I came from a poor family from a small town in Brazil. Today I live in Portugal and work for companies worldwide while also working on personal projects and partnerships related to Game Design, Photography and Music.

Wendell Adriel
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Software Design

I can help you and your team to design the perfect solution for your projects. I worked with small and huge projects in different areas, and I'll use all this experience to help you and your business.

Software Architecture

I started working with software development when I was 16. I worked with many technologies, but my main focus is PHP (Laravel) and JavaScript (Vue.js).

Web Development Workshops

During all these years I taught a lot of developers and non-developers how to code and to improve their coding skills. These workshops can be remote for a group of at least 5 people or in-company training.

Agile Consulting

I worked mostly with Agile Methodologies and already helped to implement it on some teams. If you need help implementing it on your team, just contact me and let's discuss.

Career Mentoring

I came from a small town in the countryside in Brazil to work and live in Portugal and to work alongside companies worldwide. You don't need to start big, you just need discipline and to make the right choices. A Mentor can help you get there easier and faster, and I can do that for you with my 1x1 Mentoring Program.

Interview Practice

Do you always get nervous when you have an interview? No worries, most people do. The difference is to learn how to handle this and with some guidance, you can go to your next interview more prepared. We can practice non-technical, technical and live-coding interviews in Portuguese or English.


I like to work with many types of photos. If you need a photo shoot for you, your company or products or if you have any creative or artistic projects that you need photos or photo editing, contact me now!


I started to write lyrics when I was 14, even that my native language is Portuguese, I prefer to write in English. If you have any project that you need a specific lyric, just contact me.


I create games (board games, card games, etc) since I was 14. Mostly of them I didn't release, but you can check some games that I released recently below:

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